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Published on June 7, 2013 by in Noticias

foto oficial mackenzie LOW RES

For 2013 in BICHO Prods we are focused in the Mackenzie River Project, a 1950 km descent within the wide and wild Northern Territories where they will spend 2 months until ending their journey at the Beaford Sea, beyond the Polar Circle.

The Mackenzie is a very special River; it runs from South to North crossing one of the most remote areas in the world, with almost any human impact. This makes you travel from the wonderful taiga forest to the hard but plenty of beauty tundra, but always with the feeling of being into the wild North, surrounded by plants and animals in a pristine landscape. Furthermore, the River is called Deh Cho by natives, which means Big River…We have run before other big rivers but the Mackenzie is huge, the 13th in length in the world, with an extensive delta as big as many countries in Europe. Despite of other expeditions, in this case the true adventure is to get into the Wild through the river, following the path opened by Sir Alexander Mackenzie in 1789

The initial plan is to get into the River about the 15 th of June in Hay River; at that time the mouth of the Mackenzie is still frozen, but there will be enough time along the trip for the ice melting. From Hay River we will paddle about 45-50 kms each day until we will arrive to the great Mackenzie Delta, a huge labyrinth of tidal channels and islands occupied for thousands of waterfowl which use the delta for breeding. In the water, 5000 beluga whales hunt in the Delta on at least 55 fish species, including big species of Pacific Salmons, Dolly Varden, Artic Char, Pike, Zander…

The Mackenzie River basin is a wide paradise in which paddling became a privilege.



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