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All along 2015 we have been involved in more and bigger river restoration and conservation projects, mainly in Spain but also in other countries as Albania. Here in Spain working with the Duero River and Tajo River Water Authorities, and in Albania thanks to the collaboration with Continental Trout (a new teaser soon) and Albanian ONGs.
Most of those video Works can be found at a new VIMEO portfolio where you can watch and download them for increasing public participation on the river restoration projects and also for educational purposes.
Here is the COLLECTION link: https://vimeopro.com/bichoprods/river-restoration-films-by-bicho

Enjoy and feel free of sharing.

river restoration collection web


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Published on December 12, 2014 by in Noticias
Hace unos días he iniciado una pequeña campaña para concienciar a los pescadores conservacionistas de la realidad que se esconde detrás de algunas imágenes, que van apareciendo todos los años en estas fechas, de enormes truchas y salmones con una librea espectacular. Esa realidad es que en algunos lugares, de forma ilegal, pero por razones de feo mercado también de forma legal, se pescan grandes ejemplares de salmónidos en las propias zonas de freza.
during spawning no SALMON webEsa pesca es indigna de un pescador que se precie, pues la agresividad de los ejemplares durante el periodo reproductivo los convierte en presas fáciles de quienes no dudan en truncar la reproducción de estas joyas vivas. Y sin importarles el deterioro en el reclutamiento de nuevos ejemplares en la temporada siguiente.Durante años yo también viví engañado con el sueño de algún día posar junto a uno de esos grandes machos rojos, encendidos, y con un gancho enorme; pero hoy sé que nunca pescaré un pez así. NUNCA….y espero que vosotros tampoco. La freza de nuestras truchas y salmones es un momento ideal para disfrutar de ellos de una forma intensa y diferente: mirando, aprendiendo, amando. Y vigilando también.
El espectáculo es impresionante y su resultado es el futuro.

during spawning no TRUCHA web


In these days we unfortunately will see some incredible big and beauty salmon and/or trout individuals with amazing colors. If they come from the N hemisphere probably they have been hooked on a spawning ground…I HATE IT.
This photo is my answer to all those anglers that still think that if the law allow us to do it….we can do it….
we shouldn´t and we have to teach how to enjoy the moments when our true love in life is preparing the future.


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This is the biggest Dam Demolition till now in Spain.  23 meters high, 60 meters width, a River Restoration Project implemented by Confederación Hidrográfica del TAJO.

It was exploded yesterday in a clean and marvellous way; in the next weeks all the concrete blocks will be removed and… the Cofio River will flow free again.

That was a veeeeery nice day…..Thank you all friends from CHT!


P.S: we have the video available; please follow the link: http://vimeo.com/107684886

imagen compuesta demolicion WEB 2

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LONG FAR & WILD. Launching the complete version

cartel LFW

At last, after the postproduction Works and the distribution for Kayak Festivals….we have available the complete version of our most interesting doc till now!

We have also started working on Video On Demand watching; this means that you have to pay a small amount of money for downloading it. This is not a market Price but a way for you supporting our filming activities for making more and best films.

Hope you will find the film interesting, plenty of the beauty of the North West Territories and wild fauna but also… the ligth and shadow of a great adventure in which we were submerged and, to a point, prisioners, figthing for long time against our bodies and souls surrounded for one of the most unspoiled landscapes in the world.

Here is the link to our VOD page; Thank you in advance for your support.

The Mackenzie: LONG FAR & WILD (on demand)



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MACKENZIE´S GAZES: personal portfolio

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