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Published on November 5, 2013 by in Noticias

remonte de enanas web


We all want the same: we all are waiting for the Autumn rain; kayakers for going down and trouts and salmons for going upstream, but any way we all need the same: living nature. This is why I feel so sad when anglers and kayakers treat each other as enemies and don´t work toguether for improving the quality status of rivers…we all want the same: pure rivers, free running waters. When this kind of Nature is present amazing shows like this this afternoon will happen: hundreds of trout trying to reach the creeks, the uppers parts of the waters they used to live, for spawning.

Oh, yes! We all want the same!


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TOP 2013 MTB shoots

Published on October 26, 2013 by in Producciones
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Mackenzie River Project….Accomplished!!!!

project accomplished

Two months later we are back in Spain after our Mackenzie Adventure. There, we found a huge waterway to the big Artic but also many things inside ourselves.

About the Artic, just say that such beauty is only possible where humans are as scarce as water in a desert, where there is no help when everything is wrong, where the silence is, even nowadays,…all.

About us….I discovered that I was not as strong as I though when we planned such adventure, but after those 1950 kms paddling I am stronger than ever for sure. But mainly, one more time, I felt every day that being close to Carliños is the kind of thing that makes you fortunate.

So…we have learned about beauty, about silence, about strength, about several days paddling…probably, now we are ready for something else…..=D

Thanks to Jackson, Kokatat, Robson as main sponsors of this experience, but also to Northest Kayak, Undercurrents, Up North, Cordoba Mountain Climbing…. and friends that send us their love and heat in this great, great journey.

Now is time to have a look to all the photos and videos we collected up there and select the best for our next documentary about the Mackenzie; since that, here are some shoots about this incredible River and the environment he (or she) shapes with an amazing power.

mar de yerba

Being “inside” the Mackenzie we found plenty of creeks and also big rivers coming into the Big River; since silty ones to completely clear, there were hundreds of them along the way. But we probably will remember for ever the merging of the Trout River with the Mac. A small and green Delta appeared in front of us after one of the longest days paddling. The clear waters of the Trout didn´t had trouts as well, but lots of Jaw Fish and Pickerels, surrounded by the perfect landscape for moose, wolves and bears. Such a paradise with almost no mosquitoes!

pingos y maera

Ending the trip…or starting it. In both cases we had to paddle into big waters, waves and lots of logs into the water. Great Slave Lake and Beaford sea, both with somethings that remember each other.

sol de medianoche

mini delta low res FB


All the time we spent up there was Artic summer…..this means that the sun is up in the sky all along the day and nigth. In two months we had no dark at all, with sunsets that last for hours…and thougths crossing our minds trying to follow the sun in the sky.

aurora 2

Going back to South we met the nigth again at the Yukon Border; by the 3th of August the Artic summer was almost finished there and we spent some time trying to find our headlamps somewhere in our stuff. When we were setting up the tent close to a small creek plenty of black bears and bisons……Carlinhos pointed to the sky: “I am not sure…but…seems like…..yes!” There were our first Northern Ligths….

pingoDespite the 1950 kms paddling and the two mounths spent in the way, since the first stroke we knew that there was a secret reason for us running the Mackenzie….at the end, we should arrive to the Artic Tundra.

Once there, we realized that we were rigth. The Beaford sea, surrounded by the tundra, its icecored Pingos, small channels and the Beluga Whales swimming all along the way…all was a dream came true, an unforgetable experience we probably we will repeat….some day……

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Published on June 7, 2013 by in Noticias

foto oficial mackenzie LOW RES

For 2013 in BICHO Prods we are focused in the Mackenzie River Project, a 1950 km descent within the wide and wild Northern Territories where they will spend 2 months until ending their journey at the Beaford Sea, beyond the Polar Circle.

The Mackenzie is a very special River; it runs from South to North crossing one of the most remote areas in the world, with almost any human impact. This makes you travel from the wonderful taiga forest to the hard but plenty of beauty tundra, but always with the feeling of being into the wild North, surrounded by plants and animals in a pristine landscape. Furthermore, the River is called Deh Cho by natives, which means Big River…We have run before other big rivers but the Mackenzie is huge, the 13th in length in the world, with an extensive delta as big as many countries in Europe. Despite of other expeditions, in this case the true adventure is to get into the Wild through the river, following the path opened by Sir Alexander Mackenzie in 1789

The initial plan is to get into the River about the 15 th of June in Hay River; at that time the mouth of the Mackenzie is still frozen, but there will be enough time along the trip for the ice melting. From Hay River we will paddle about 45-50 kms each day until we will arrive to the great Mackenzie Delta, a huge labyrinth of tidal channels and islands occupied for thousands of waterfowl which use the delta for breeding. In the water, 5000 beluga whales hunt in the Delta on at least 55 fish species, including big species of Pacific Salmons, Dolly Varden, Artic Char, Pike, Zander…

The Mackenzie River basin is a wide paradise in which paddling became a privilege.



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Published on June 6, 2013 by in Noticias, Producciones


El Órbigo es uno de los ríos españoles más conocidos en el extranjero por la calidad de la pesca deportiva que se realiza en sus aguas; además de trata de una zona ríca por sus explotaciones agrícolas, cuya ribera sostiene importantes núcleos de población que históricamente se han visto afectados por inundaciones de gran intensidad.

Durante 2012  y 2013 BICHO Prods ha colaborado con el Ministerio de Agricultura, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente y la Confederación Hidrográfica del Duero para documentar y hacer el seguimiento de la ejecución del Proyecto de Restauración del Río Órbigo. En este proyecto, uno de los más importantes que se han llevado a cabo en nuestro país y por su planteamiento de los más ambiciosos de cuantos se ejecutane en este momento en toda Europa, ha permitido retirar, o en su caso retirar del cauce, 23 kms de estructuras de contención obsoletas o mal dimensionadas d eforma que el río cuenta ahora con una llanura de inundación capaz de disminuir la altura del agua en las inundaciones y al mismo tiempo capaz de mantener un estado ecológico de mayor naturalidad.

De esta forma la Restauración Fluvial y el Control de las Inundaciones se ven favorecidas por el desarrollo de las últimas técnicas y puesta en práctica de la inginería del siglo XXI en el río Órbigo.

Se han realizado un total de 4 documentales (versiones extendidas y reducidas y versiones en castellano e inglés) que reflejan la totalidad del proceso de ejecución, desde la racionalización del problema de las inundaciones y la necesidad de mantener nuestros ríos en un Buen Estado Ecológico hasta el proceso de participación ciudadana y la propia ejecución del proyecto a lo largo de 2012.

Os dejamos un link al corto sobre “El Ejemplo del Órbigo”; podréis encontrar las otras versiones en el canal de VIMEO de BICHO PRODS haciendo click en el icono que aparece en el propio video.

El Ejemplo del Órbigo (versión reducida) from Carlos Rodriguez (BICHO Prods) on Vimeo.



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